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Painted Spoons

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Due to short time work caused by the economical crisis at least I have more time to work on lures !

Painted these homemade spoons with modelmaking enamels , topcoated with two layers each of epoxy and modelling dope , ......guess , that I had uploaded these very models before , only decorated with reflective foil ?

Anyway , .....I have found that I had to rig the splitrings very , very careful not to scratch the paint off near the holes , ........I'd use little oversized rings , than I would on only polished spoons , open them up as wide as possible and rig them from the reverse side first , .......whilst finally sliding the rings over(90

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These look very good Dieter!

Great job on getting the spit rings on with chipping the paint, lol thats the first thing that I noticed when I looked at these guys:lolhuh:. Very good looking paintjobs also. I have been going on a spoon craze lately, still the copper spoons are producing the best for us though:lol:


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Thanks , Jacob , .......actually this splitring problem is quite a nuisance , one reason , because I make most of my spoons with a plain polished finish with reflective foil applied(but gets boring as well:huh:) .

greetz , Dieter:yay:

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