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Here are some of my latest crankbaits , made of abachewood , approx. 3" in length .

Lures have an internal harness glued into a slot in their bellies , also glued in some lead sheet for ballast , .........hope that I had estimated correctly about the weight , never tested them:huh::o .

Brushpainted with modelmaking enamels , topcoated with two of each layers of epoxy and modelling dope , .........the latter dries that fast , that I could assemble the hooks only about three hours after the final gloss coat !

Tomorrow I'd test them in my bath tub for the first time ,.... I am in good hope , that they would show up with some attractive action , ........otherwise I could only tinker on their lip size a bit :huh::?!!!!

greetz , diemai:yay:

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Like the paint jobs and body styles. I think you'll be safe on the first tub-test run. I think you've made enough baits to have that sense when you simply hold them. You may have to fill that tub up to the top, these babies will be bouncing off the bottom in no time.

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Thanks a lot for your encouragement, Bob :yes:,.........and you've got it right , all of my actual batch swam well , and these deep divers really dug down steeply !

The yellow/blue one has a very lively and pronounced wobble , whereas the golden one comes in with a moderate wiggle at a higher frequency , better for cold waters , I'd say !

greetz , Dieter:yay:

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