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Here are some of my latest crankbaits , made of abachewood , approx. 3" in length .

Lures have an internal harness glued into a slot in their bellies , also glued in some lead sheet for ballast , .........hope that I had estimated correctly about the weight , never tested them:huh::o .

Brushpainted with modelmaking enamels , topcoated with two of each layers of epoxy and modelling dope , .........the latter dries that fast , that I could assemble the hooks only about three hours after the final gloss coat !

Tomorrow I'd test them in my bath tub for the first time ,.... I am in good hope , that they would show up with some attractive action , ........otherwise I could only tinker on their lip size a bit :huh::?!!!!

greetz , diemai:yay:

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