Still More Crankbaits

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More lures from abachewood ,... the longer one is about 3 1/2" in length without lip !

Tried to resemble a perch and a zander(walleye) as good as possible with my modelmaking enamels , ........crudely done compared with some of the airbrushed beauties in here , ........but the fish won't mind , provided that their action would turn out appealing when I'd test them tomorrow :huh::huh::yes:.

greetz , diemai:yay:

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The paint jobs look great. I'm amazed at what you achieve by hand.

And you're right, the fish will tell you if it's okay.

Good luck.

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Thanks a lot , Mark , .....just saw , that I had uploaded this picture twice by mistake:o ,....... just uploaded the proper sideview now and deleted the double post .

Last night my wife saw me standing in front of the bath tub with a wide grin on my face , .......all of these crankbaits do work well , still float up sufficiently to carry a wire leader(essential over here , as pike are everywhere) .

I am pretty much satisfied with this bunch , gonna give them a swim outdoors coming weekend , probably still need to do some tuning on the tow eyes for them to track straight !

thanks again:yes: , Dieter

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