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Amongst my actual batch of spoons and cranks I had also finished this two , .......the commercial minnow bait I had accidentally recovered from under a Hamburg bridge last fall , it must have been there for at least one year , brown of mud and covered with small mussels .

It is a cheapy ,....... as I hung it to dry back then , water came out of some micro-leaks along the seam of its two parts .

I hope , that my foiling with aluminium tape has covered these leaks ,.... if not , the following epoxy coats surely did !

The "BigS" I've got for 50

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Making the old new again. Very nice feeling to breathe new life into the otherwise forgotten.

Black is the backbone of my baits. Black, black and more black. Gets boring but the muskie and pike love black on the lakes I fish.

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Thanks , Bob ........actually during my bath tub tests I was much more satisfied with the action of my homemades rather than this two here , ....they still do work , but the "BigS" wobbles somewhat irregular at times and the minnow overturns , when jerked hard ,...... but can be retrieved very slow and feature a pronounced roll already(maybe , I only do not trust in such action ?)

greetz , Dieter:yay:

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