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Rat Bait

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Here is one with better paint and pics + tail attachment......

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Excellent , ......looks like the real thing:yes::yes: !

Guess , that bass do hook up better than our local pike:? ,..... personally I would rig a larger hook , also place it a tad more towards the rear , as the long lip seems to cover the hook a bit :? ????

But bass will judge............:):yes:!

welldone lure :yes:,.......greetz:yay: , diemai

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I am wondering if it is the same principle as for european pikes! we are using rats and mouse to fish pikes when into a lake there is nothing left to eat! as results she is starting to eat rats and then when no rats left they start to eat each other ! please clear me out as I never fished bass .. cheers

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The hook is a #1 Owner and is back about as far as I dare put it. It is larger and rides further back on the bait than what it apears in the picture. As I stated in the other posts I had to add length to the lip and weight to the rear of the bait to get the right action. But I was thinking about installing a small colorado spinnerbait blade on the rear section [where the weight is] to create more drag. I was curious if this would creat more drag thus allowing the lip to be shortened??

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