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Walking Bait

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It's been a long time since I showed my last lure here... I have done no lures this year until now.:huh: (9 months of heavy study)

It's a walking action bait, 4" long, with 4 large rattle bals inside, and made with PU resin.

Hope you like.

Comments, suggestions, are welcome :)

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Very nice work Kazan, can't wait to see that one finished. Are the rattles cast into the piece or added afterwords, if you would care to share? Thanks,


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Hi Douglas...

The rattles is added after. It's the same process used to make injected plastic baits, made in two halfs glued togheter. But the inside part is nos so beautiful because it's handmade, but at least is very simetric.

It has 4 large steel bals inside. Really noisy...

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