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Reaction Strike

Reaction Strike

Regards, Blades

    Aug 22 2009 02:47 PM
    JT.. did you put that trailer hook on it! I was thinking about doing something like this on some of my swimbaits.. I havent tested it to see if hurts action or not... but thought about it last night and now I just saw this bait.. Outstanding as always.. Matt
    You rock! That is just beautiful stuff.
    Aug 23 2009 10:13 PM
    Matt- I added it becuase I missed alot of fish. It didnt hurt the action at all but I tend to run jointed baits pretty fast like over humps in open water or breaks on long points. I have had some fish come out of 30 feet of water to eat these.

    I tried it on a spro and thought it hurt the action a bit. Seems like the reaction strike gets kicked off easier and faster than the spro so that may have something to do with the better results on the Reaction Strike.

    This is the hook I use http://www.tacklewar...TSUDS-GFWH.html
    It's actually not made for a stinger but it works great because the stiff nylon cord keeps it straight out the back.I use this same hook for a stinger on all my topwater plugs as well. Works a heck of alot better than those stingers with the nylon cord loop.

    Thanks again for the positive feedback fellas.