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PVC Cranks

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PVC Crank Baits

Just pulled these three flat sides off the drying wheel. All three were created from PVC trim board (Avanti Brand from Home Depot). The one on the bottom is my third attempt at photo/foiling. This one turned out a little better than the first two but I would rather not see the edge of the foil. It is supposed to be an example of a Blue Back Herring A few months ago, someone posted this pic of it on TU. I copied it and played with the colors on a photo program and this is the results. I kind of like it, what do you think?

The middle crank represents a bluegill, I hope.

The one on top is my first time using a stencel to try and create a craw pattern. I overshot it a little too heavily with the olive but in the second pic, you can still see the craw pattern underneath.

I have not weighted these yet as these are my first PVC crankbaits, I am not sure how much ballast they will need. Tomorrow, I will attach the hooks and give them the bucket test to see how much ballast they will need. John

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