Balsa Babe, 3 inch

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Straight-pull 3 point harness, fully tied from 1-piece stainless wire.

E-tex sealed balsa, standard water-based Parma & Createx (heat-set!), Dicknite's topcoat. Color: "Stressed Shad"

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Yeah, I saw the one Rookie has and it looks a lot like this one. I really like the layered look of the paint job on the bait. You may not see it in a photo, but in person it is very nice!

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Thanks guys, I really appreciate the compliments!

A distinguishing characteristic of waterbase paints compared to lacquers etc, is of course its relative thickness. Through lots of experimenting I've learned to take advantage of this by using layers of often similar colors to create depth in the finish. That depth, and even some colors really don't apppear until final clearcoating, so adding some colors is sort of an act of faith, where I trust that they'll show up when I finish clearcoating.

While subtle color shifts that you don't see until the light strikes the bait from a certain direction are pretty, the reason I do it is that you see these color shifts in most of the fish. I caught a crappie yesterday (on a 1 ounce foiled spinnerbait), and before I released it, took a moment to point out to my buddy all of the distinct irridescent light blue around the top of the head and gills that appeared under various light angles.

So while a lot of people believe that much of our painting is done to inspire the fisherman to bite, my inspiration is always the vision of that big fish seeing those natural irridescent colors shifting naturally in that final decisive moment that lets her inhale to close the deal.


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I guess it's ok. What I would really like to know more about is the mention you made about "heat setting" the paint. Now really, is this necessary? :eek::lolhuh::D

Sorry, it must be the drugs. Boy do they make me feel wierd....or is that wired.

Another terrrrrrrriffic bait. You are certainly one of the very best.


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