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Sucker with soft tail

Sucker with soft tail

The hard resin body on this sucker immitation is 6.5 inches long and is weighted to sink at about a foot per second. The magnum grub tail attaches to the back and can easily be replaced if damaged. The two line connections on the front have two different actions depending on what the angler may want.....one comes straight back on the retrieve and the other is more erratic and dives if pulled through the water.

    Love the idea of two line ties. That change in the action can be all the difference between getting bit or getting skunked some days.
    Aug 22 2009 09:50 PM
    I do believe thats the first sucker bait i've ever seen.....cool....and the double front eye thing seems like a great idea.....nice job.
    wow,very nice job. if you have a video post it!
    Here's a video........

    mark poulson
    Aug 23 2009 06:51 PM
    That should get killed! Nice job.
    swim a like a topnotch lures. any chance of a bigger one in a near future? congrats!
    This is actually a big bait.........no plans for any larger soon. This one weighs 8 ounces.
    6.5 will be good for pike or lil boy
    you might concider the use of stuff like the thing boyer is using for the perchbait?