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Swim Baits

Swim Baits

a shot at using some of Mike's swim baits Blue Herring Perch Shad

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    Piscivorous Pike
    Jan 06 2010 02:02 PM
    Wow-- I just finished painting a dozen of Mike's in a thread fin shad pattern similiar to this... Cool, I found this today. I will post mine for a look as soon as I get the Dick Nite clear coat on my school of shad. I got the last can of the old formula, per Dick!

    Those are very well done a bit similiar to the ones I did. Please, tell me, how do they swim with the dressed tail hook? I was thinking about doing that but was afraid it may hurt the action.

    I am glad someone else has found these as they swim so well, just a bit better in action than the original French lure. I put rubber core sinkers ahead of them to vary the sink rate. I have not tried a shad pattern on bass but have thrown Kokanee and Yellow Perch at pike. What a great lure and your paint job is just super. Those are gonna slay all the bass and stripers too! A sure bet.

    Here are some I submitted to the gallery,Perch and Kokanee, My First Paint jobs I would like to start a collection of custom finishes on these and sebiles, I submit mine here just to start the collection. DUCBOS, what do you think about starting a thread on just the different ways of presenting this special lure? If you have more patterns, please post them! I want to be able to learn some skill to get them to come out as well as yours!

    Although it is a copy of the Sebile, it represents a new style, even a break through in lure design. The banana shape in three joints makes it serpentine through the water, not just wiggle. They catch fish too! Thanks, DUCBOS, and Mike too.Posted Image