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2 brothers , 3 cm sink , good casting

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You're the the master of mini lures:yes: , ......these turned out very nice , even detailed painting in this small size(about 1 1/5" !!!!):yes::yay: .

I can figure out , that such small lures would always turn out to be sinking , as the simply can't provide sufficient buoancy , .....but I wonder , why you always mount this kinda big"deep diving" lips on them ?

A small , downward pointing lip would surely be enough to get them to wiggle , no diving lip neccessary as they are sinking , anyway ???

Or is it to protect the hook from snagging at bottom ?

Well done lures , for sure:yes: !

greetz , diemai:yay:

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it,s not enough to get them to wiggle . i mount a diving lip because i want it to go dawn quickly. the fish i am looking for is near the rocks. weather is getting cool and the fish go dawn down the river bottom

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