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Gizzard Shad

This is a funny looking little baitfish with it's eye position and rounded head. My challenge here was to capture gill detail without carving. This is loosely based off a Big-O and is weighted in the belly and a small shot in the tail. The lure is 6" long and weighs in just over 2oz. Wire through construction, G-10 lip, hand painted glass eyes and foiled.



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Very nice foiling:yes:...........together with the realistic eyes , blending and transitions of the different colors it provides a very lifelike effect:yes: , .......I can imagine this one how it would emit the flash of a swimming real shad in the water:yes: .

Very welldone lure:yes: , .......greetz :yay:, diemai

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The local body of water that I fish at are full of gizzard shad. They are darker than this one, but the eye is spot on!

Great work, Jacob

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