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Gizzard Shad

This is a funny looking little baitfish with it's eye position and rounded head. My challenge here was to capture gill detail without carving. This is loosely based off a Big-O and is weighted in the belly and a small shot in the tail. The lure is 6" long and weighs in just over 2oz. Wire through construction, G-10 lip, hand painted glass eyes and foiled.



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excellent work.

great fine detailing.

one of the first things i noticed was how the subtle shadow under the fin makes it really appear to be 3-D

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I dreamed you painted this bait for me... then I remembered... WAIT YOU DID.. DONT SAY IM DREAMING DOUGLAS!!! "honey were did I put that package I have ready to ship to Douglas?" You know that one that has been sitting on my desk for months but Im too lazy to go to the post office and send it to cheese land...

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Rowhunter ... I'm with Rookie ....

I need one of these for my "Jumpers" ie Big Smallies .. I can see them eating it NOW !!.

What will it take to get one .. But - OK you can Send Rookie his first - Ha Hee

Great Job Foiling /Blending etc !!!!!!


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