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Two of these lures are new experiments of mine , the third one(the one with the blue head) I made after a design , that saw here in the TU gallery .

The biggest one is scratching 6" without lip , made of lindenwood , .....thru-wired without any weights added.

Could not test it properly in my bath tub , as it digs down straight with a wide swing of the body , which hopefully would result into an attractive wobble , if I'd throw it for the first time .

Hope , that it won't blow out , ........in this case I could still shave the lip a bit , I suppose .

The lure with the black head plane turned out not to wobble , but what it does , is to swim with a narrow roll and wiggle at a very high frequency , almost vibrating .

Even on a rapid pull it still keeps track , so I guess , that this one would make up for a fine pullbait .

The previously mentioned "blue head" surprised me in a way , that it does not roll as much , as I had thought ,..... it swims with a nice blend of roll and wobble , very well designed(sadly I don't remember , who exactly put it up in here first , ..but thanks a lot for the input , anyway) .

greetz , diemai:yay:

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Those look pretty cool Dieter. I really like your orange one the most though. It looks like its gonna dive down pretty deep! I would be scared about a blow out with that one though since there is no lead in it. I bet to be sure of a good clean swim you could place some lead in the very front of the head. In front of the front hook hanger is where I would go.

It will be very interesting to see what its gonna do in the water though:?. I think the blue headed lure was a lure that 12spot did a while back. Not for sure but it looks like one that he did.

Well good luck with your lake testing!


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