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Some Jointed Cranks

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These three are made of teakwood , a bit more than 3 1/2" in length .

They are thru-wired and have some lead sheet glued in together with the wire form into their front sections .

They all do float with a part of their back still sticking out .

The one with the blue head gave me a tough time , and I am still not satified with it's action during my bath tub tests .

I have already shaved the lip a few times , but still it pauses to wiggle on occassion , as it seems:( .

Don't really know why , I am hoping that outdoors it would still act better , as it often is the case compared to just bath tub tests !

That's why I haven't bothered about a more elaborate paint job on it:huh: .

The other two lures do swim pretty well , no complaints , .....though on the brown one I also had to shave the lip a bit , as I originally glued in a wide coffin bill , that obviously hindered any wiggle !

greetz , diemai:yay:

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These look like some jointed shad raps, I like your version of them better though. I like the retro pain scheme you do, it looks amazing!:drool:

Bummer on the failure of swimming with the blue headed lure. I remember reading on the forums about line tie placement and it looks like that the line tie is to far forward. Also i have yet the get a good action with a lure that has a lip that is near horizontal with the lure. It just seems that i always have to get the lip slanted down and the lure seems to like that much more.

Anywho, great looking lures! hope the lake brings you some more results.

Goodluck, Jacob

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