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Some Jointed Cranks

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These three are made of teakwood , a bit more than 3 1/2" in length .

They are thru-wired and have some lead sheet glued in together with the wire form into their front sections .

They all do float with a part of their back still sticking out .

The one with the blue head gave me a tough time , and I am still not satified with it's action during my bath tub tests .

I have already shaved the lip a few times , but still it pauses to wiggle on occassion , as it seems:( .

Don't really know why , I am hoping that outdoors it would still act better , as it often is the case compared to just bath tub tests !

That's why I haven't bothered about a more elaborate paint job on it:huh: .

The other two lures do swim pretty well , no complaints , .....though on the brown one I also had to shave the lip a bit , as I originally glued in a wide coffin bill , that obviously hindered any wiggle !

greetz , diemai:yay:

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