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The three section is scratching 5" , thru-wired with some lead sheet glued into the front section together with the wire harness .

The forward pointing lip causes it to swim with a narrow roll and wobble at a high frequency , rather not in a snake-like manner !

But the segments still do hit one another , so some added sound is generated .

The small lure with a similar lip has the same swimming pattern , it kinda almost vibrates rather than wobble , ........something different to try:) !

The third lure is a version of the old "Rush Tango Minnow" , claimed to be the first floating deep diving lure in history . It works pretty nice and is gonna cast extremely well , I suppose , .....though being unweighted .

I've rigged the hooks straight to open screw eyes on this one , as otherwise with a connecting splitring the front hook possibly would have constantly fouled with the diving vane .

greetz , diemai:yay:

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