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had a feeling this ones will make the rules on this weekend

mark twain
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had a feeling this ones will make the rules on this weekend !

I observed on the last fishing party the fish where eating at surface and some of them followed the lure without a strike! I designed this lures (most of them different as shape) to be floatings and go to depths ! they are all 2,8 cm lenght ! will come back on monday with the captures

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Vellllly Intellllesting, Glasshopper! Unique and will be waiting ( with baited breath ) to find out how they do. Do you plan to paint these? Want to know what action you get due to the line tie configuration. Definitely a devious mind at work here. Good luck with them.


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they are just at the beginning ! you see there is no paint no lip! they are at this stage: only the blank wood of balsa and the wire !

I have a free will here! definitelly I designed them as floaters and to go deeper than a closer tie line to the front ! some of them will work side to side , some of them will do left to right ; the aplitude will be also different ! large and small ! some will have high vibrations at a small retrieve!

I need to play right to catch the monster chubs :)

will put some movies and captures on monday or tuesday

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