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10 yr old daughter

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Heres what ive created now she wants to paint everything i make this is all her creation from start to finish she painted she clear coated now all she has to do is put hooks on it then fish it this weekend hope u guys like it jody

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Hey thats alright..!

think of the increased production you can have now!!!..

Im waiting for my 3 month old grandson to get big enough to handle the airbrush, so he can be Pappy's free laborer,... I mean beloved trainee..


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When my daughter was about that age as well , I let my wife and her paint some of my homemade spoons , as I was on the job !

As I got back home , I almost started an argument with them , of what kinda strange pattern they had applied to waste my spoons , ....and I said , that if no fish would take these lures , I would sandblast all off again .

Well , on the weekend I had to deeply apologize , .....and I gladly did , 'cause on one of those spoons painted by my daughter I had caught three pike within a very short time , a very rare occassion over here !

So , put your trust in your little one , .......you could only win:yes::yes: !

greetz , diemai:yay:

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Yep, you might as well go buy her her very own airbrush! Whatever happens, only good things can come of this! Oh yeah, also pick her up some disposable gloves for her left hand.

congrats, Dean

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thanks guys for all the great coments, hopefully she has a little fun with it, and yes mr mcclain she already wants her own airbrush it will be coming soon agian thanks jody

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