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"Scorpion" spoons

"Scorpion" spoons

Finally I have found the time to complete the jointed spoons that I had introduced in my thread "Metal Swimbait Or Jointed Spoon" a couple of weeks ago . These spoons are made of 1,0 mm thick stainless steel sheet and about 16,5 cm(bit more than 6 1/2")in length and I estimate them at approx. 50 grams of weight(little less than 2 ounces) . Due to the tail segments I have named that lure "Scorpion" spoon , as they strongly remind me of a curved scorpions tail(but have a treble instead of a sting:lol: . One or another user in here might have watched the video linked in the thread mentioned above , .........I have replaced the deeply cupped front section of the first prototype shown in there by now to a moderately cupped one , as these swim far better . I haven't bothered about painting these lures , as the paint would have surely gotten scraped off at the attachment holes , as I had a tough time assembling the splitrings thus joining the single segments . Now I am waiting for my next boat trip to cast them at local pike to determine about their opinion about my latest lure design;):lol: , but it should still chill down a bit towards fall season . greetz , diemai:yay:

    These look great Dieter! I agree with not painting them, the fish would prolly strip all the paint off them on the first outing8O Goodluck, Jacob
    hi diemai, very creative design ! can notice you all the time are coming up with new ideeas! how this spoon is working ?? is working only at retrieve or it balance when falling in the water and stops ?? suppose you use them in deep waters !
    very cool looking spoons neatly done jody
    mark poulson
    Sep 11 2009 08:13 PM
    Once again, the spoon meister strikes!
    Great looking stuff again Dieter!
    Really impressive work. I envy you, because I have never tried to make a spoon. I have made only in line spinners, which brought me many fish in the past, but a spoon is more difficult to make, I think. I am sure these lures will catch pikes for you.
    Thanks a lot for your kind words , ......much appreciated:worship::worship::worship: ! @ mark twain To look at the lure action check the video link in the thread mentioned in my describtion . They have an attractive action on retrieve , ...on the drop they just fall back straight tail down 45 , as it seems ! greetz , diemai:yay:
    am not finding it !
    @ mark twain

    OK , here's the link again :

    greetz , diemai:yay:
    That is a fantastic idea Dieter. As well, your craftsmanship is shining through. I'll bet you'll do well when the fish are looking for a larger snack! Douglas