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New Props with color deviations

CL Rods
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BB Bluegill with more yellow, thinner pearl white scaling with some iridescent blue added. Shad with iridescent highlights. Both with an extra zap of Gem Ruby on the backs.

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THESE BABY's ARE GREAT BAITS DINO!!! I have seen them in ACTION!! Charlie makes some killer prop baits and they are fish catchers! Only problem is old charlie is in love with his sinkie O so much he doesnt throw THESE SERCRET WEAPONS at JUMPIN STRIPER when Im in the boat!!! Next time CHARLIE!!! SCREW YOUR CLUB TOURNAMENT LETS CATCH FISH WE CAN EAT! We could had 100 STRIPER on these prop baits if you would just gave me the FREAKIN BOAT KEYS!

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