hope now the image is clear

mark twain
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hope now the image is clear ! sorry again!

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....your new favourite color , I guess;):) !

Are they even similar to any local insect:huh: ?

some welldone "Mini's" again , .......greetz , diemai:yay:

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thanks guys !

@ diemai

it's chub favorite colour, not mine smile.gif . I made about 50 bugs till now and every with different patterns ! this one is the one chubs likes the most on the lake where am fishing! I lost last time 3 similar and I couldn't go without any .... so I made 9 now to be sure am not uncovered.

I want to make a test next week on another lake at 200 km away to observe it will have the same results! from this series I give to a friend 3 of them and he caught with it; i lost one yesterday and I cryed - a pike stolen it sad.gif

the colours pattern was made with some acrilic colours that I took 1 year ago when I started to make my own lures; I didn't had the right natural colours and I used what I had

PS. I think they can be very well used on fly fishing

thanks again and hope in short time to come back with new captures

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