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Thought I would make a crankbait with a BB rattle at about where the eyes are. I designed a shape which is tall at the head area, to accommodate everything inside. I made 2 identical lures as size and shape, but they differ as construction process. One is a one piece lure, with drilled holes for twisted wires and lead, and the other one is the sandwich type, but not through wired. Using a Dremel type rotary machine, I made grooves for the wires on both parts of the sandwich type. I tried many shapes of lips with these 2 lures, but no one gave any of them a true action. The lures would lean on one side on retrieve, and changing sides from time to time.

I tested the lures in pot of water. They lean on one side. If I push the lure on the other side, the steel ball inside would go to the other end of the metal tube, causing the lure to lean on the other side. The angles are equal, so the lures are well balanced, but the steel ball is too high up in the lure. The one with the tow eye at the tip of the nose tends to almost have a good action, but shortly after a good start, will lean on one side.

I don

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I've put all the rattles in my baits right behind the balast weight and as low as possible. I ran into the same problem that you did on my first bait with a rattle. Too much weight above the mid line of the body and it wanted to lay on it's side. I think if you put the lip slots on both baits where the current line tie is then both will have a nice wiggle action. I would also put the line tie right on top of the lip or in the lip close to the nose of the bait. Cool looking body styles.

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I have made a few baits that have a similar shape. I have had best results with the line tie right at the tip of the nose and the lip at about a 45 like your top drawing. I also used a small diving lip from Janns's Netcraft and trimmed the length by about a 1/4 inch from the base of it. I also had the rattle about dead center of the bait Just a few options to consider....

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