Twitch Shad

I took one of my Stormer Spunk "WALK THE HOG style baits" and sanded it down a bit more to give it a leaner profile in the water. It casts like a bullet in the AIR! and is a great bait to fish the JUMPS and twitch.

The Rookie

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As Always - GREAT LOOKING BAIT-- Looking at the shape and thickness of the bait , I bet it cast like a missle !!!!! Hopefully with fall here , those NC bass should start schooling before to long and you can send them what you call your Twitch Shad - I would call it Rookies -"Meat Missle"

PS - When you catch enough for a mess - Invite your old buddies down for a fish feed

Good One Buddy :worship:


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I gave it 5 for the paint, one for the eye, one for the shape, one for that lavender color around the eye, one for the way the eye is somehow embedded in the bait, one for the overall quality look, and one for the what can easily be seen as the influence of the Paint Monkey.

Yea, I know that's more than five. You gotta a problem wid dat?:pissed:

Awesome work, Matt.

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No trick on the eye Vince.. Dingo me didnt make the eye socket big enough so I had to cut the eye so it would fit and they picture makes it looks embedded when really all I did was stick it in. Thanks for the comments guys.

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