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Never know what your gonna get

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Well here is a 36inch pike that weighed in at 10lbs. Not very big for most the pike on here that you guys catch. But heres the twist to the story, me and my dad werent even pike fishing:lol:. I had a homemade spoon on that was no longer than an inch and was actually meant for kokanee salmon. Well the gear was ultra light trout gear, 8lb flourocarbon leader and the fish swallowed the spoon and all:eek:. Quite amazed that the line didnt get chewed through by the beast. So me and my dad just thought it was dumb luck that the spoon got the pike... the next fish was a 7lber:lol:, got that one in the boat with the whole lure in his mouth and one beat up leader.

Just thought I would share this one with ya guys, just goes to show that little lures will catch giants to;)

Thanks, Jacob

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