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Tater Hog "Buster Gill"

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I have been having all kinds of back problems the past 3 weeks so all I can do is sit in a chair. Decided to carve a new bait design out since I could do that while sitting and this is what I came up with. Back is feeling better this week so I painted her up and NAMED IT "BUSTER GILL" Swims great in the test tank! Cant wait for my back to get better so I can go fishing and test it out on the water to see how the big boys like it!

The Rookie

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Very Very nice Matt - I'm checking out every part of this (tail, joints, carving) and you have made it look so good/easy.pete

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now that would just be cool to have on the end of your rod and when people ask what your throwing just say a bluegill:lol:

Awesome looking lure!


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