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Tater Hog "Buster Gill"

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I have been having all kinds of back problems the past 3 weeks so all I can do is sit in a chair. Decided to carve a new bait design out since I could do that while sitting and this is what I came up with. Back is feeling better this week so I painted her up and NAMED IT "BUSTER GILL" Swims great in the test tank! Cant wait for my back to get better so I can go fishing and test it out on the water to see how the big boys like it!

The Rookie

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Another great looking bait from Hog Headquarters, the Rookie does it again!!! Take care of your back Matt, I know what that pain is like everyday. 5 Stars!!


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Great work my friend! Hope your back gets better! Dont fish this one too soon!!! Might be too stresfull for your musles to drill that big angry bass that slammed this baby..




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Just when I thought the Hoochiemama was the ugliest bait I have ever seen you come up with this...this....this............thing!!! That is one great, ugly bait. Keep up the good work. Just don't hurry the healing process. It ain't worth it. Those biggun's will still be there waiting on this bait. :yay:


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Sweet Matt, very sweet!

Chiropractor! Its amazing how an adjustment can keep you from lying in a bed for six weeks! (That was when I was in my twenties, and it was a neck problem, as opposed to the L-4, L-5, S-1 problems that disabled me.)

I know all about the chair "lure factory"! Mine has even been inspected by the IRS! (They're the folks who collect excise tax.)

I love those flat-black "quad" hooks. They just say Nasty Intentions!


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