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Trying to copy Hazmail's style ...

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... with a bit of a different personality (or drawback?:?)

62 mm long, light wood, photofinish (played around with Photoshop).

They are very stable in action.

But there's something I cannot understand. I tried many lip shapes before choosing the ones you see, the distance between the lip and the tow point is different (at least to one of them), 2 of them have the weight in front of the belly hanger and the third has it after the belly hook hanger. But nevertheless they all behave the same in water, which is a very large and quick action, giving me the impression of a snake on the run. I wonder if this is the way they should behave?

I made the angle of a lipslot as I usually do in my crankbaits, and only after did I realize that because of the shape (head bent a little downwards) the angle of the lip would be larger as against the surface of the water. Trying to correct this, 2 of them have a lip bent upwards, but it was in vain, all 3 of them would have a very large "wobble".

But I know what I will be using this shape for: I will attach bb rattles towards the head or tail. They should work perfectly :)

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You chose the work of an excellent builder to copy. I'm lucky enough to own a few of Pete's baits and they are done with amazing precision.

The colors you chose for your should cover a wide portion of the spectrum. Nice work.

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I can see that Pete's lures are very well done, so it's no wonder that he may be a source of inspiration for someone. I know it would be impossible for me to make as good lures as he does, but at least I can try the shape he uses almost exclusively. Must be a reason for that, I think.

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