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Clacker Fin Shad

Clacker Fin Shad

Here's a 6 inch cedar thru-wire shad. I've added stainless fins that move left-to-right with the shaking of the head. The fins rotate off of a single pin in the middle as the body of the crank bait moves. Works well and is definitely louder than a traditional rattle, plus I get the flash and the movement of the fins. It's a little rough as I've been running this lure for a month or so on the local water. Originally I designed a glider with this same fin set-up but it didn't have enough movement in the body to generate the clicking noise I was looking for. Thanks for lookin'. bob

    An absolutely brilliant idea about those clacker fins , hats off to you:yay::worship: ! I often think , that every aspect about lure design has been already there somewhen in the past ,........ but one can never tell , what breeds in ingenious minds;) ! just awesome:yes: , ........greetz :yay:, diemai
    That is some impressive engineering, not to mention just absolutely top-shelf lure-building!! Glad to see you're fishing it also, because at the end of the day, that is what it's all about!!

    :yay::yay: + :yay:

    Yes, the fabled Attaboy 3rd Thumb Award

    :worship: You deserve it!