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(prototype) HORNETZ

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just lil experiment adding some wings from sabiki hair in hard bait

it's work great

like a Hawaiian dancer in the water:lol:

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I have a similar(little smaller) commercial lure , the wings there are of feathers , .......I guess , that your baits are superior due to the flash your wing material provides !

very nice lures:yes: , ..........greetz , diemai:yay:

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@Diemai : my plan is to make the wings with feather but I can't find two identical feather, so I change my plan with another material.

@Spoopa : unfortunately in Indonesia there is no trout available:(

@JEEP : :oIt's nothing if I compare with your beautiful swimbaits..:yay:

@Mark Twain : I used it for Pacu

and your "bug" bait is my inspiration, for this project....

I think I owe U some credits :worship:

thx all


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