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Lipped HardBass

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New version of my hardbass lure, now with an added stainless lip.


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Thnx Mr Fingers! ;)

Mark, I added the lip to make it go dive and reach the deeper water. The HardBass is a slow sinker, but when reeled or trolled it will run shallow eventually. The lip will keep it deep. I tried one before with a lexan lip epoxied into the body. Works good too. This one was intended as a very slow sinking one but I made a mistake and it floated..bummer..so I tried a lip on it, and the action was actually pretty cool.




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Looks great Jeep! Most of the best thing that improve the baits all of us make are usually mistakes that work out for the better!

"Life is what happens while your making other plans."

The Rookie

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