injured fish swimbaits

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made these for a guy who wanted some baits that swam on their side as if injured.

all are approx. 7", slow sinking

hooks are held in position with magnets so they won't flop around.

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JR, you are definitely the man! Your talent is A-1. Those are terrific, and the tiliapia reminds me of the one that is somewhere in Huites after that one monster broke me off. He really liked it too.

Luck to you


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Another ingenious swimbait design in perfect execution:yes::yay: !

Great work , just amazing:yes::yay: , ...........greetz , Dieter:yay:

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Great looking baits! Post a video I want to see how they swim if you dont mind.. Do they all slow sink and is it possible to make it float or do they have to sink in order to swim ..just curious.. Im thinking they need the water all around them to work.. I wanted to try it too but never go around to doing it. Outstanding work as always.

The Rookie

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Yes, amazing work, but we all expect no less from you.

About those magnets ... Do they have enough force to keep the hooks pressed to the lure after the lure hits the water? Or do they just go nicely to their designed place once you start to retrieve the lure?

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1) Rookie,

working on a topwater model with the hooks on the underside to see how it will perform. my thinking is that if i can get it to float with the majority of the body under water than it may swim but will have to do a trial and error with this theory.

2) Rofish,

waiting to hear on that after some actual trials. i used 2 magnets for each hook to increase the holding power. i can hold the lure by the magnet without it coming loose but not sure how a long cast will do.

the weight was approx. 5oz. on each lure.

the magnets would pull the hooks from about 3/4" away so i'm thinking that if they came disloged the retrive would cause the hooks to rotate around and reattach. will find out.

was also thinking of perhaps a small clip to hold the shank? guess thats what is called 'research & development'. hey! those guys make a lot of money, don't they?;)

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