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My First finished lure (opinions?)

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I tried a few other projects and made a few lathed lures but wasn't very happy. This is an off the rack plastic stand in that I finished tonight and am pretty proud of. Let me know what you guys think. I completely stripped it and started from scratch. I think some of it lost in the light. Some of the rest of it gets to bright, but ya get the idea. I love it but I need some outside opinion. Thanks in advance anybody who takes the time to look at my stuff. I appreciate it......Russ

P.S. This is not my first time using an airbrush :)

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any advice on getting better pictures? everybody has great pictures but i know everybody dosn't have $400 dollar cameras. Whats the best way to get nice color?

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:yes:I would chuck that thing with confidence, looks awesome. there's some great stuff on this sight.

" Buckle a Horse"


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