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Still playing with combs

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I wasn't sure about these colors while I was painting it. After applying the topcoat it kind of grew on me. Still think it needs a little something. Maybe a splash of orange under the chin? What do you guys think? :?

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I doubt that the fish will think that it will need much of anything--That is a great basic color--You could add some details, such as gill flap spot, like a bluegill, or shad type "false" eye, popularly known here as a "kill-spot". On most of my baitfish-type cranks, I add a red gill-indicator swoop, or slash, or "quarter moon". A lot of guys add a bit of detail surrounding the eye like a bit of dark mist, just add a bit of dimension to it. I often add a bit of transparent red at the nose and throat, which will on your bait, fade in a touch purple on the nose.

Like I say, ol' blue and chartreuse needs nothing else to be effective...but it's easy to spice it up a bit, and it may help under certain conditions, particularly in clear water. Don't be afraid to experiment with layering bits of other colors, like a bit of silver scale work on the shoulders for instance, which will add depth and dimension to your paint jobs. And remember that a little paint will be magnified when the clearcoat hits it, so use a light touch when adding accent shading. Go for it & Good Luck!


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You read my mind. A little silver scale overlay or just a soft pearl white scale overlay on the "shoulders" and I think that would really add a nice touch.

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Thanks for the input guys. Wasn't sure I'd like the sky blue with the chartreuse. One thing I noticed about the sky blue is it didn't turn green where it faded into the chartreuse like the darker blues. Am sure I'll be painting this color again and will try adding some of the details you mentioned.

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