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Just 1 coat of clear, 2 to go, I use DN's

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:?Love the colors....great paint scheme ...is it just me (or possibly one too may single malt scotch) but it looks as though it's upside down....no offense just curious?????

surfk9 irish by blood , scotch by choice...surfk9

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Very nice colors indeed... But the colors look upside down as well ...

Never mind, if the weight is in proper place, I would be eager to find out if predatory fish like these colors...

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Hey Guys Thanks, The bait is made upside down, acting like a dying bait fish lying upside down in the water, when fished, it dances all over the place, The blank I purchased is a mirror image of a (Megabass Anthrax Topwater Bait) which sells for $27.........Mike

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