"DinnerBell" struck again

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Not a trophy fish ,..... just an average 27" pike , but yet another one under the belt of my homedesigned "DinnerBell" spoon ,........ in this case made from copper sheet , not stainless steel as most of them !

I hardly ever saw a pike so deeply hooked on a spoon ,...... she must have swallowed it right from behind .

That spoon model turned out to be perfectly suiting that "Alster" lake , located right in the city of Hamburg/Germany , only 6' to 8' deep , with shallow banks and quite snaggy .

I've been fishing that spoon model frequently for more than one year in there now , caught the most fish on them and only lost two spoons so far , .......versus the loss of quite a few other spoon models , some crankbaits and even glide baits as well .

Truly one of the #1 lure models from my stable;):) !

Sorry , the picture showing myself with that average pike did not turn out too well , had to shoot it with the automatic timer function of my camera laid on top of my tackle bag !

greetz , diemai:yay:

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Thanks a lot for your kind words , ........did not release that fish , I got the lure out lateron together with the intestines as I cleaned it up .

It's been a day , .......prior to that fish I've lost plenty of line together with a sinking glider , so I quickly went to a tackle shop nearby and had my spinning reel refilled with 0,17mm red braid , ........even told the guy at the shop to fill it up right to the rim of the spool .

After I've returned to the lake I was amazed of the casting performance of that new line and felt quite happy about my investment(wasn't that cheap) .

Some time after having caught that pike , on one long cast a group of wild geese came flying low right through my line , my spoon had already hit the water , but the arch of the line out still descended towards the surface , thats when a goose hit it !

Just within less than a second the line snapped , the drag set tight could handle any pike , but seemingly not a goose at high speed :eek:!

Obviously nothing serious happened to the birds , none came down....... don't think , that they even tossed up the spoon , as it happened so fast , .......that homemade spoon was rigged with a single hook , anyway .

But losing quite a length of that new line again so fast really bothered me :angry:.

Well , but that's fishing:lol: !

Thanks again:yes: , ......greetz , diemai:yay:

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@ Mark Poulson

Hope , that I won't encounter any birds on the waters edge anymore , but sometimes it just happens:huh::eek: , ......I'd prefer to hunt them down inside of the freezer on a supermarket sale rather than having them on the line:lol: .

greetz , Dieter:yay:

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