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Back-Alley Waitress Gill

Back-Alley Waitress Gill

SHE's A FISH HOOKER!. Took Her to the lake yesterday and she swims like a champ. I took a little off the nose of from the last Buster Bluegill I posted and gave it a different look. Now I got 2 designs a long nose body and short nose one..

    That's another winner Matt, Beautiful! A+++ Douglas
    Very nice work you got going there mister Tater! Jacob
    Very nice work.
    Oct 25 2009 09:37 PM
    Nice Work, Can I get A discount on some of them Baits? :)
    Very sharp Matt and great natural colour scheme*****.pete
    Back - Alley Waitress Bait - I dont even want to go there ....:roll: Looks like a Fish Catcher Rookie !!!!! That Baits got a head on it like a Tom Cat There you go Rookie - Another Name for a Tater Hog Bait - " Tater Tom Cat" Ha Hee Hope your staying warm down there ... 35 here tonight .. Once Again Great Job on another Great Looking Bait !!!!!!!:worship::worship::worship: Boone
    Oct 26 2009 09:58 PM
    Another super job! Just no end to your talent. Did you name this one after your girl friend? Oops, wasn't supposed to say that. Sorry :P. David
    You nailed the colors on this one, Matt.