fast growing minnow

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It changes colors as it grows. I may have a wrong understanding about how a kill spot should look like ,,,

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Very nice and unique colorful patterns , ....local zander in stained waters would like to take a bite , I'm sure of that !

nice lures , indeed ,.........greetz , diemai:yay:

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All lips are different. The lure at the top has a slightly bent lip. I choose a lip for each lure, on the bank of the water, so I have many lips with me. If the lip does not stay fit in the lip slot, I add some extra material under the lip (small, thin pieces of plastic). The lure in the middle does not have a very different action. What is really different is the extra drag you feel when retrieving the lure. You need some extra muscles to retrieve it at high speed. I do not know if the extra drag could create some extra vibrations in the water, which, in turn, could be more enticing for the fish. But I hope so.


What you see is a double line tie made out of a single piece of wire. You need to use hard wire for such a twisted wire, because otherwise the eyes could bend, causing the lure to loose it

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