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A freshly finished old one. This one has a very interesting action. It would go to one side, then come back to the middle, then go to the other side. I think this action is due to a slight fault in bending the lip. The fault isn't visible, but I think it is there. In such a 2 steps lip, your chances to make a not so perfect lip are higher. And there are several planes in the lip, each offering a different resistance to water. If I would want to duplicate the action of this one, I am sure I couldn't.

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That looks awesome!

I get that sometimes with lures that I use bent lexan lips with. I bet the fish will go crazy when they see it.


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That is what you want it to do, erratic action. Have it not run true, wander abit. I want to get mine to do it, I dont know if I should play with a different weighting or a different lip. I have only bent a lexan lip once. I need to play with it more. Great paint job there!

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