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Ok since my boys came back and stuck it to the most overrated coach in FOOTBALL! YEAH THAT's RIGHT IM SAYING BB IS OVERRATED. You have to be a idiot to go for it on your own 28 yard line. I proved my point. So since my Colts could do the impossible. And since my buddy Douglas is building me a boat!!! I had to use his advice and try it again. So I finally picked the foil back up after 2 years of frustration and horrible lookin lures I said I will try this leftover rap again. Maybe the fish like leftovers too.

Thanks to Dino and Rowhunter for the tips and help. FOILIN is still a PAIN... but its startin to grow on me now.


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Hey I have one of those! I got it in one of those "The Producers" $2 crankbait bins at wally world! Paints a little better on mine ;)

Ha! Just kiddin! Nice work rookie! Nice paint too! Did you paint directly on the foil? If you did, would you mind me asking at about what pressure you were shootin at?

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Fish do like leftovers, and fishermen do like your lures. And if they liked them without any shine on them, the more so will happen if you put some shine on. Not everything that shines is gold, but if I were you, I would surely dig out any foil leftovers around the house :)

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Thanks for the nice words. COME ON CHARLIE Im headed out the door right now so meet me at the lauch! I found some striper the other day and I been following them around the lake...my only problem is I never catch them when Im actually fishing for them.

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