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Bluegill Swimbait

Bluegill Swimbait

This 5" bluegill swimbait is done in PVC. It is a wakebait, barley floating at rest.

    Looking good Whittler. Need anybody to test it for you?? B)
    Excellent work as usual.....very nice!!
    very nice..... :D
    nice :)
    Hey whittler! That bait looks familiar ;)
    Excellent coloration! Always enjoyed your paint work. The tail looks like it got spiced up a bit since I saw it last!
    Thanks guys.

    A-Mac, different bait, smaller than the one you saw. How are things in Oregon?
    Is the next one going to be the size of a quarter too! hmmm... ultra ultra lite swimbaits? im sure if someone can do it, it be you.

    Oregon is cool... fishing is a culture shock. bass are not looked upon like they are in the midwest. smallmouth are hated by salmon and trout fisherman. Its been kind of tough fishing for me so far, bass #s seem to be lower overall in comparison to Indiana. However, the ones that you do catch seem to be fatty trout bass! seems like i'll have to jump on the trout swimbait bandwagon and whittle me up a couple for the spring.