Perch and Kokanee, My First Paint jobs

My first painted lures biggrin.gif , I am not sure I like this part of the hobby!sad.gif Tedious and a lot of work!blink.gif

These are my painted Chinese Knock Offs of Magic Swimmers, they work like the real thing. What amazes me is I had never ever touched an airbrush until I tried this. 17 steps to the perch!

I made my own racks and jigs and templates. Mixed paint by eye. The work, they caught some pike. I now need to figure where to sell the spares???wink.gif


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May i ask where u found the knock offs? smile.gif

One of TU members and adverstisers, Mike Vann, and here buy the kit, for a dollar more you get eyes, hooks and split rings and clamshell case. Cannot beat it.

Sebile says his swim because of the small head design, not true. These swim exactly like magic swimmer. slow sink, i add rubber core sinkers to the line for depth. M.S. swim not side to side but rock and roll, pitch and yaw and then on the joints serpentine. Others like True tungsten or BBZ-1 swim side to side. These remind me of Rapala action with serpentine action added.

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Excellent first time results... It gets easier the more you do it and you will improve with each new lure you paint too, thats the great part of lurepainting!.. Now you have racks, jigs, & templates ready for your next attempt so it will be easier and less time consuming too..

I have some of this same lure from crankbait components also, . I think they swim better because there is a slightly wider gap in the joint sections..The wider joint gap seems to give the sections a little more room to freely move side to side..Who knows for sure, but the swim action is excellent at any retrieve speed.. I'll buy more for certain..

JP Myers

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