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Whole Lotta Lota

Whole Lotta Lota

Jaraal`s Original HEALER Jerkbait

With best regards Jari Aalto Jaraal Sweden

    Nov 29 2009 06:43 PM
    Cool! I really like all of your baits (especially the ones with big teeth :D )
    Always thought , that your baits were only single works of art , but now I see , that you make multiple baits with the same pattern ............all handpainted ......WOW !

    great looking lures ,........greetz , diemai :yay:
    Thanks! They are single works of art and the only thing that are the same is the colourcode. All baits has different patterns. It only took me about three years to figure it all out. Now when I can duplicate the lota lota colour I´m moving on to figure out other species. Hopefully it will not take 3 years. And I will continue doing singles too. With best regards Jari Aalto Jaraal