Alumite Topwater


This is a walking bait made from an Alumite body kindly molded by Boone. Sits 30 degrees tail down at rest. I call the pattern "Winter Tiger"

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Great Paint Job Bob - Your "Winter Tiger" will work ...Also Thanks to Capt for helping me the mold building questions I had .....One thing makes it nice here guys..

"We all learn from each other " !!

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That's a really special little lure and fantistic paint job!

I doubt any predatory fish in the world could resist the temptation of taking a bite at that one!

I don't suppose that either, you Bob, or Boon would consider selling 5 or so of those topwater bodies by any chance? As I haven't seen any thing quite like it for sale commercially before and although I do mold and pour my own soft plastics and have carved 5 or 6 hardbaits in my life, I do not have the skills nor tools to make such beutiful blanks!

Feel free to pm me or send me an email ( if your interested!



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