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few new jerkbaits

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lol i was bored again so few blacks got a new "jackets" on them, those colors have been good on other baits so im pretty confident that local pikes will love emB)

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great lures ;)

looking at those scales and wandering, did you do the black ones by hand? they seem to be done with the airbrush but I can't figure it out how you managed , shoot the black paint from one side and the brown from the opposite side ?

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thanks for the kind comments guys..

@pikeman i did that 3d scale look by first painting the black diamond shape scale pattern on a stencil after that moved the stencil about an 1mm forward and sprayed white on top the black scales then added the brown, i finished it off with spraying a very light mix of light brown to make the scale pattern to pop up more. its essentially the same airbrushing trick that car tuning people do the realistic flame patterns to there cars.

lol i hope my explanation was comprehensive enough since english is not my native language.

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