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A pike for a pike

A pike for a pike

I did this for a friend, unfortunately i messed it up in the end.
The colour was much lighter at fist, i had to cover up the mess with som darker colour.

    that is a really awesome looking pike imitation jerkbait, what are the specks of it ( weight length)? and what material do you use to make those, is it a plastic mold or wood ?
    Thanks mate.

    It weighs 155grams and the lenght is 18cm.
    The lure is made of wood and i handcarve this lures of beech or oak.
    Doesn't look like a mess to me at all ;) :) !

    Nice lure , ........greetz , diemai :yay:
    it's a piece of artwork !
    If your making lures like this for your friends....can I be your friend ???