Nice fish on a small homemade

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I notice some of the big pike shown on here have been caught on huge lures up around 30cm, eg: mangeboy79. The Barramundi we get over here get to over 130cm, but I dont think anyone would throw a 30cm lure at them. This fish was 96cm and quite happy to eat a 63mm crankbait, and I have caught other fish over the metre on the same lures. Gets me thinking though, maybe I should try some of those big lures.

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Man , what a fish ..........congrats :yay::yay::yay: !

Do they get much bigger ?

The point about big lures for our pike in Europe is about selective fishing for bigger ones exclusively and also about a seasonal aspect .

The statement "big lure , big pike" might seem logical to anyone ,....... though there are exceptions to the rule ,..... average pike 60 to 70 cm absolutely don't have no problems attacking lure of 30 cm length , only that they do not do it THAT often !

Probably more important is the use of bigger lures towards the cold season October thru February(if no closing time locally) , this time of year small minnows are almost abundant in many waters , as they've already been eaten up during the summer ,......... second reason is , that predatory fish are not likely to waste their rare energy in cold water to chase after small prey , they'd rather go for bigger bites , as this is more effective .

Vice versa it won't neccessarely be of advantage to cast extraordinary big lures during the summer , .........I have already lost two big summer pike , that struck on smaller inline spinners rigged onto lighter perch gear .

At this time of year even the biggest predators may go for smaller fry only , as they virtually just need to open up their jaws to get their belly full without bigger effort !

Can't tell about any aspects about using bigger lures for barramundi's , .......just try it , I'd say :lol::lol: !

greetz , diemai :yay:

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beautiful fish ! congrats !

yes i use allot of big baits for pike i use em all the time form ice out until the water is hard again ! big baits is easyier for the pikes to notice as they cause a whole lot commotion when you troll them trough schools of bait fish . but the small baits have there day as well . if you are going to try bigger baits for barra put a swivel between the bait and the hook so they dont throw the bait as easy .....

best regards magnus

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