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something new with and scaly

something new with and scaly

did these 2 new colors with the cool scale pattern on the stencil i recently made they came out better than i though.

    Looks great as all your lures do Solar. You've really got scale painting nailed. :yay:
    is the scale pattern for sale? :lol:
    joking ;)
    on second thought...name the price :lol:
    good looking like always, it pays the effort of doing hard work stencils ;)
    Merry Xmas
    hey thanks guys. @pikeman that scale patterns stencil is actually really easy do for your self too, hehe no need to buy any.. i did it all of those scales in rows by moving the stencil along the baits side that i made from normal fax paper, that should give you some idea how the stencil looks, its very simple.

    merry Christmas to all from ice cold Finland:D